To all NSFs/Uni Students, take advantage of this subsidy to upskill! (CITREP+)

I am sure you have already heard of SkillsFuture. It is a nationwide initiative to help Singaporeans upskill. However, that is not the only upskilling programme that the Singapore government has to offer. Recently, I have finished a course using another initiative, and I found it useful because it alleviates the financial cost. This article will explore CITREP+, which focuses on developing ICT skill sets in Singaporeans and PRs.

My experience in Hackwagon

I am currently on another course which is also covered FULLY by CITREP+ because I am a NSF. Previously, I had already attended DS101: Introduction to Python Programming by Hackwagon. I really liked the instructor and the content that they teach. It was very easy to follow. However, please note that this is just an introductory course. My prior programming knowledge was sufficient. Only during the course, then I realised I should not have started with this because I already possessed the necessary knowledge taught in this syllabus.

Naturally, I attended Hackwagon’s next iteration of Data Science courses, DS102. This course is much better for me because it better suits my expertise. If you already have some form of knowledge in Python, don’t waste your time in DS101. You are not missing out in anything, just go straight to DS102.

Why I recommend CITREP

If you are a NSF, or have ORD for 6 months, or a tertiary student, you are able to claim the full amount of the course, up to $2,500. So, that means the Hackwagon courses, which costs $2000, cost me nothing.

Honestly, I am very grateful that our government puts in so much funding to upskill our people and our economy. However, I feel that this CITREP Programme can be publicised even more.

Okay, but what if I am not a NSF/Student?

Don’t worry, the cost of the course will still be partially subsidised. However, it will depend on the category you are in.

CITREP+ Subsidy Categories for SIngaporean Citizens
Course fees subsidy for SG Citizens

Okay, any catch to CITREP?

Not really. I guess you will have to spend time actually doing the learning. But if you sign up for these courses, shouldn’t you already be ready to pick up a new skill? Also, the reimbursement may take a while.

Usually, you would pay the cost of the course using your own money. Only if you attend 75% of the course, will they reimburse you. You will also have to fill up some forms and the money may take awhile to go back into your account. I guess there will be an opportunity cost because this money cannot be invested elsewhere. But, on the bright side, you are investing it in yourself. Not only do you gain a new skill, you will get your money back.

What are some course providers that are good?

As I have only experienced courses from Hackwagon, I can safely assure you that their instructors and materials are of good quality. I highly recommend them. However, they are only available for their Data Science courses for now.

Another one that looks interesting is Smartcademy. If I am not wrong, they are pretty new and they have launched pretty aggressive advertising using social media. However, they seem to have really interesting courses like Digital Marketing and UX Design, which is something I am looking into.

Lastly, if you want to browse the courses yourself, just go to this link.

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