Should I buy whey protein in Singapore?

So you feel that the nutrition you get from your food is not enough. You need to supplement it. You want to get the boost in results that you were longing for since the start. Although not necessary, they can be very helpful in your body’s progress along the way. Here are some reasons why I support buying whey protein only in certain circumstances, for a typical person in Singapore.


  • Supplements are not necessities
  • Do not think that they will give you magical results
  • There is no difference between a more expensive and a cheaper supplement
  • Pick the one you like the most

My personal take

Whey protein should not be a replacement for meat in Singapore.
Protein can be consumed from meats.

Supplements are exactly like what the name suggests. It should help you but it is definitely not required for you to improve.

Some popular supplements for strength trainers include creatine and whey protein. has created very comprehensive articles on these two supplements.

Personally, I only consume whey protein because I find that its convenience is unprecedented. Just one scoop and a 400ml of milk, and you got yourself 35g of protein. 

However, I did not start using supplements until I had a year of experience lifting and I found it difficult to stuff myself with protein.

My first tub

First whey protein bought in SIngapore.
My actual first protein powder.

My first ever tub of whey protein was from Nature’s Best and it was a vanilla-flavored whey protein isolate I purchased from GNC Singapore. At that time, I just wanted to try out what it is like to drink whey.

Let’s just say the vanilla flavour was horrible. I never drank it with water ever again. Every time I drank it, I had to accompany it with milk.

Being a small tub and drinking it every day meant that it depleted very quickly.

After that I wanted to switch to something more economical. I discovered Myprotein


Myprotein offers the best deals for whey protein in Singapore.
Switched to Myprotein for economical reasons.

I switched to myprotein because it offered some of the cheapest whey protein in Singapore out there and was recommended by many people for its taste as well.

When I was buying it, I was considering between the best flavour, which is Chocolate Smooth (the thing tastes like good chocolate milk), or unflavoured. That was because I was uncomfortable with consuming artificial sweeteners on a daily basis. I later found out that it is not as harmful as I thought but I chose to continue using the unflavoured version because I got used to it.

After ordering the unflavoured version, I really regretted it after tasting it. It tastes like crap with water. I had to mix it with milk for it to go down my throat. After a while, I got used to it and now I enjoy it as a blended smoothie.

What whey protein should you choose?

There are 3 kinds of whey protein.


  • Whey protein concentrate
  • Whey protein isolate
  • Whey protein hydrolyzed

Personally, I have only tried whey protein isolate because it had a higher protein content than concentrate and has most of the lactose removed because I was worried about my lactose-intolerance.

However, they do not differ much in my opinion.

Generally this is how it works. In terms of the percentage of protein content,

Whey protein hydrolyzed > Whey protein isolate > Whey protein concentrate.

In terms of the amount of lactose,

Whey protein hydrolyzed > Whey protein isolate > Whey protein concentrate.

In terms of pricing (generally),

Whey protein hydrolyzed > Whey protein isolate > Whey protein concentrate.

This is because whey protein hydrolyzed is a much more processed version of whey protein isolate, which is also processed from whey protein concentrate.

What brand of protein should you buy?

Buy the brand that you like the most. You can try out various brands and various flavours. Personally, I chose one that was convenient to order as well as cheap for me. Myprotein skips out the useless packaging which makes its competitors very expensive.

Optimum Nutrition (ON) gets a good rep for its whey protein, especially in Singapore, I think it would be a good start for people who just want to start.


This can be possible without whey protein.
This can be possible without whey protein.

Labdoor, provides independent research on these supplements and ranks them accordingly. I find that it is a good place to start.

Note that I really object you buying whey protein if you just started. You do not need it. As long as you train seriously for the first three months, whey protein will have almost no effect on your body. Your body will just shit out the extra protein and you will get more protein farts.

If you are already consuming enough protein every day (which is definitely not an easy task, props to you), then you do not need whey protein. Skip it. Save your money. There are better things to do with your money than buy some powder and hoping that it will bring you to the Heaven of Gains.

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