nSuns 5/3/1 Program Review

This article will be very stats based. I will present the objective results of the program first. My thoughts and opinions about this program will be at the end of the article. This is my nSuns 5/3/1 Program Review.

Lifting History

Results of nSuns.
Lifting Journey has been documented in another post.

When I began 5/3/1, I was 16 years old, still am 177cm and 65kg. I have been lifting for about 7 months as previously mentioned in my lifting journey article. I was on the Ice Cream Fitness Program for roughly 7 months. 

After stalling on my bench for 2 weeks, I felt I needed to switch up my program. 7 weeks was already stretching its lifetime. Therefore, I went on the best resource in the world, the Internet, to look for a program suitable for my needs and my schedule.

I saw a 4-day variation of nSuns 5/3/1. Many people were praising it for its results. The creator even got great results after doing it on a cut. Although many people were complaining about the insane volume, I wanted to challenge myself.

That’s how I began the 4-day variation of nSuns. This is where I got my most gains up to this day, and I really benefitted from the crazy volume this program provides. Here is the nSuns review.

nSuns program template. Read my review about nsuns here.
nSuns Program template


Starting weight: 65kg

SQUAT: 70kg x 1 rep

BENCH: 65kg x 1 rep

DEADLIFT: 70kg x 1 rep

OHP: 40kg x 5 reps

Ending weight: 73kg

SQUAT: 135kg x 5 reps

BENCH: 100kg x 1 rep

DEADLIFT: 140kg x 3 reps

OHP: 60kg x 3 reps

How long I ran the program:

I ran this program on and off. I think the longest stretch I ran this program for was 3 months and that was because of the school holidays. Going to school was very disruptive for lifting and having to travel to the gym in school uniform was not very helpful as well. However, it really helped me to learn time management skills.

I ran this program for about 5 months, before switching to Reddit PPL for a month. I did not appreciate the lack of strength work, so I switched back to it. However, I could barely run the full program every week because I had to juggle between JC, Students’ Council, and this.

Anyone with the same commitments as me would know my pain for sure. I skipped many leg days to sacrifice for it. (haha)

So I guess the total timeline would be 2 years (approximately), but the actual workload is probably about 9-12 months only.

Lots of volumeToo much volume for some people
Guaranteed some resultsEach session can take a considerable amount of time
CustomizableVery taxing on your body – need a lot of recovery time


I ran this program with a lot of supersets. Outside of the first lift, all my sets were supersets. This is because I wanted to increase my work capacity while saving time.

It is not easy being a Secondary 4 student trying to juggle between going to school, homework, and going to the gym while getting enough nutrition and sleep for recovery.

General experience of running the program

When I first started the program, the volume came at a shock to me. It took a while for my body to get used to it. Initially, I was suffering from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) every time I went to the gym. Although it did discourage me from continue going to the gym, I persevered and continue despite being unable to lift weights at such a high intensity as before.

The 3 variables of lifting

This is because there are 3 variables to lifting. Volume, frequency, and intensity. If you maximize one, you will have so sacrifice the other. As the volume of the program was so high, there were low-intensity days to make up for it. Moreover, the frequency of the program was not very high, only at 4 days, which is considered low for a body part split.

I always looked forward to the bench day. Pumping out so many sets just feels very good for the pec growth. Although do take note that pump is not equal to muscle growth.

The leg days were always so brutal. They were tough on me, especially when you have to do deadlifts and squats on the same day. This led to me keeping my accessories very low.

I also neglected my abs because I just felt too tired to do it at the end of every workout. It soon became a bad habit lol.

I still keep the workout and I have linked it here. You can click on it to take a look at my accessories and my variation.

Would you recommend the program to others?

I would definitely recommend the program to others. This program is one of a kind. It will show results for sure if you persevere. There is a reason why I stuck with this program for so long.

Also, it shows the power behind the concept of 5/3/1. I really liked it and in the future, after this COVID thing subsides, I will be continuing my 5/3/1 BBB program. I may review this version of nSuns 5/3/1 in the future.

Verdict – 9/10

Overall, it is a really good program that focuses on strength. You can inject your own hypertrophy elements which makes this a good power-building program.

Everyone should at least try some form of variation of 5/3/1 and I would say that this is one of the top few variations.

This, is my nSuns 5/3/1 review.

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