How to Make Gains at Home

It’s the corona season. You have been stuck at home for quite a while, unsure of what to do to spend your time. You want to do something productive instead of netflix and chilling your life away. (It’s okay to do that, cut yourself some slack.) You have been wanting to lose weight for quite a while. Yet, you did not embark on your goal. Now it is the best time to do so. But you are not sure. Don’t worry, here is how you can make gains at home.


  • This workout does not require any equipment
  • This workout only consists of push muscles and abs
  • This workout will make you sweat

Circuit Breaker

You don't need a mask to make gains at home.
Wearing masks are mandatory now!

I am just like everyone out there, “enjoying” the circuit breaker measures. While it is nice to stay home once in a while and have all the time in the world to chill and spend on yourself. It does get boring at times. I have been starting my days off with workouts so I do not get lazy and continue working despite such times.

I have been doing two kinds of workouts, one of them is the CARD workout by Jeff Nippard and the other is my completely equipment-free workout which focuses on your chest, triceps, shoulders, and abs. This article will focus on my workout.

My workout

Your workout will make you gains at home.
A yoga mat can help when your knees hurt on the ground but it is not necessary, and should not be an excuse.

I personally make use of supersets so that I can actually tire myself out faster. This also makes my workout more time-efficient as I can complete it in a shorter amount of time.

What are supersets?

They are sets of exercises where you do consecutively together without rest. There are actually 3 kinds of supersets.

Firstly, there is one where you use the same muscle group. For example, you do a close grip push up and a wide grip push up together. They utilize the same muscle group.

Secondly, there is one where you use complimentary muscle groups. For example, you do a push up and a pike press, the former targets the chest and the latter targets the deltoids.

Lastly, this is the one I use in my home workout, which is to do 2 sets of different exercises which use completely different muscle groups. For example, you do a push up and an ab crunch.

Why do I use different muscle group supersets?

I just feel it is the most appropriate. Firstly, when I am doing a push up, I let my abdominal muscles rest. Secondly, I can accomplish a wider range of exercises. Lastly, it tires me out the most.

Now, onto the workout.


On the spot running

High knee raises

Casual skip roping for 30 sec

The warmup is supposed to be done casually to get the body temperature up and not meant to tire yourself up. It is also done to wake yourself up from the “laze around” attitude.

The actual thing

Pushups are really underrated to make you gains at home.
Do proper pushups.

Note: SS stands for superset with. Do all exercises until 2 reps before failure. Each set should be done thrice.

Clap Push Ups SS Lying Leg Raises

Incline Push Ups SS Russian Twists

Diamond Push Ups SS Reverse Crunches

Incline Dips SS Unassisted Sit Ups

Aim for his body!

I like to finish off with one arm side push ups to get the squeeze. The last set should always be done to failure! These will ensure you make the most gains at home.

Post Strength

Not necessary to make strength gains at home.
Skipping rope is just a fun form of cardio for me.

After all that strength training, I will do some cardio which just involves a skipping rope. Do note that cardio is not necessarily for strength, thus feel free to skip (pun intended) this.

Note: Cardio is not necessary to make gains at home.

I usually do 3 sets of skipping for 1 minute each.

I can guarantee you will break out in a sweat. Drink lots of water. Stay safe and healthy.

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