How to stay sober for 19 years

As of 2020, I am 19 years old, and I have not drunk alcohol in my life. Wait, that is cheating! That is just clickbait. Yea, technically… BUT WAIT. I actually have not consumed any kind of alcohol up till this age, where my friends around me like to go to bars and clubs to have fun. I choose not to succumb to peer pressure to stay sober.


  • Do not succumb to peer pressure
  • Tie your life choices to your finances
  • Become more health conscious

Do not succumb to peer pressure

do not succumb to peer pressure, that is the number one way to stay sober
me when i face any pressure

To my audience that have not reached their drinking age, trust me, when you reach the age (heck even before you reach), your peers will begin to pressure you to drink. This is because of the perceived “fun” that alcohol brings. I know this makes me sound SO BORING. But I really do not see the point of drinking alcohol for “fun” at this point of my life.

Around my age, many people begin to love going to bars and clubs on the weekend to have fun. This is their way of destressing from the hectic work week that plagues the majority of Singaporeans. Yes, maybe being drunk is really fun (I haven’t tried it before, so I don’t really know), but I feel that the age restriction also makes alcohol seem like an “adult” drink.

Young people, the XMMs and YPs on TikTok, love to appear mature and older. I don’t really know why, probably to seem more dependable and cooler. But they think that being able to drink makes them cool. So, there is a stigma behind alcohol. So, don’t join them, stay sober!

Tie your life choices to your finances

Staying sober is the economical choice. It will be the best financial decision you ever made.
Who knew that becoming more money-minded would lead to more responsible decisions?

As you grow older, money and finances become more important to you. Because you realise how hard it is to earn money and how easy it is to spend money. This simple realisation has made me tie a lot of my decisions in my daily life to my finances.

This ensures that I make frugal and financially sound decisions which I will not regret in the future. Going out to drink with your friends is not cheap. Alcohol is not cheap. Especially in Singapore. In Singapore, the cost of living is very high. Although necessities are rather affordable, wants are very expensive.

Yes, you may think that it is just once in a while, it will not hurt your bank account that much. But let me tell you something. This mentality is what drowns many people into a spiral of not staying sober.

It adds up.

Once you start, and you get hooked, it is very easy to keep on going and going and continuing.

So it really is for the best if you never started drinking in the first place, that’s the secret behind staying sober.

Become more health conscious

Staying sober would definitely lead to better health.
Alcohol is unhealthy…

Alcohol consists of empty calories.

What are empty calories?

They are calories whereby they contain almost no macronutrients or micronutrients. Instead, they are not helpful to your body at all. At high consumption rates, they can poison you. You are basically mildly poisoning yourself every time you finish a drinking session. This will not be healthy for you in the long run.

If you are more health conscious, and want to lose weight, and actually change your lifestyle for the better, you have to ditch these bad habits.

I often see people asking for super food. What is one food I can eat that will cure this? How do I detox? How do I go on a cleanse diet?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but these are all fads.

I do not believe in eating a diet that solely consists of “superfoods”. Not only because “superfoods” do not have an actual scientific meaning (just marketing), but also because it will be too troublesome and will cause you to lack nutrition and some other parts of your diet.

Instead, adopt the avoid eating bad foods habit. Not only is it easier and practical, it is also economical.

But, what if I actually like alcohol?

Personally, I dislike the taste of beer or cider. They are the only two kinds of alcoholic drinks I have tried.

But if you actually like alcohol, set yourself a schedule. Maybe once a month, allow yourself to drink alcohol maybe twice or thrice as a reward. Many people say it is a rewarding closure to a day or a week. Although I feel that you can indulge in other activities, I will not stop you. You will have your own preferences.

Just make sure that you consume alcohol in moderation.

I guess you do not need to stay sober all the time.
Once in a while, I guess it’s fine.

Note: If you are addicted to alcohol, or know someone who is addicted to alcohol, please seek help and contact the National Addictions Management Centre. (Singapore)

You can drink, but don’t need to get all drunk.


This article makes me sound like a loner who does not have friends and a boring person who just stays at home all day while staying sober and not having fun.

I mean, you are somewhat correct…

But, I definitely do have friends coming to ask me to go out for drinks. Even if I go with them, usually I would just order a mocktail if I am feeling fancy or just some soft drink and accompany them.

At the end of the day, I feel that alcohol is a bad way to spend your money. Spend your money on better things, such as buying your friends gifts, treating your family to lunch, or donating it to a charity you believe in.

I may seem like the very stingy kind of person from my articles. But trust me, I always show my gratitude to my loved ones and the OGs who have been there with me since day 1.

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