How to Become a Tutor in Singapore

Well, if you can’t beat them, join them right? The tuition industry in Singapore is huge. I’m talking like $1.4 billion dollars worth. It is a very lucrative job for many undergraduates and side hustlers alike. I am a tutor myself. However, a lot of the times, people come up to me and ask, “How did you get your first few students?” This article will explain to you how to become a tutor in Singapore.


  • Google the top 3 tuition agencies
  • Apply for all the jobs listing possible
  • Upload a Carousell listing offering your services
  • The rate you charge is based on how confident you are


Currently, I am a part-time private tutor. I teach JC Chemistry and Mathematics, as well as Secondary school Chemistry. However, I specialize in the Sciences and Maths subjects.

If you are a student with good grades and some desire to work hard to earn some money, join the private tuition industry. Personally, here is my carousell listing for my tuition service.

This carousell listing can be the start of how to become a tutor!
Sample of a Carousell listing.

If you are looking for an experienced tutor around the West region, you can contact me through the listing!

Ensure that you have a deep understanding of the subject

So you want to become a tutor? Sure! But in order to get your first student, you need to be confident in teaching the subject.

In order to be confident in teaching the subject, you will naturally be able to attain good grades throughout your schooling days. Therefore, your results slips are the best evidence and the best “resume” you can have to show other people that you achieved good grades and you can guide them to succeed in their academics as well.

Ask your parents

Parents can guide you on how to become a tutor.
Your parents often know more about life than you. Ask them.

Okay so you have graduated from your JC (typical age to start) and you want to earn some side money. 

The first thing I did to find tuition jobs was to ask my parents. Ask my parents if they have any friends’ children looking for tuition. Unless your parents have insanely wide connections, it is almost impossible, but it is still worth a try.

Google the top 3 tuition agencies

The second thing you should do is to outsource your skills. Go to and search for “tuition agency Singapore”.

Apply for all! That's how you can start.
The top 3 agencies after a google search. Apply for all!

Click on the first 3 listings.

Sign up as a tutor for all of them.

Apply for all the jobs listing possible

This is because you probably will not get the job you applied for anyways. So, it is better for you to just spam apply.

This will be the easiest and most straightforward way to get your services out there.

However, you need to take note that tuition agencies usually take some fees as well. This usually consists of the first 2 lessons of the month, so that is one drawback you need to consider.

However, as a new tutor, it is worth the drawback because you do not have the word of mouth working for you yet.

Upload a Carousell listing offering your services

So after applying for quite a number of jobs and you still haven’t got a legitimate offer?

Time to look for Plan B. Go to Carousell, the heaven (or hell) where people sell second hand items and services. You can list your services here.

When I first heard that it was possible, I didn’t really believe it. Until I tried, and I got my first offer within hours of the listing. (Granted, my listing was very cheap at that time)

If you are unsure about your competitors, you can easily search them up. Then, create an enticing listing like them and upload your results slip, it will really boost your credibility.

The rate you charge is based on how confident you are

Being confident will be a great start.
Confidence is key.

Now that you are convinced, how much should you charge on carousell?

General Market Rates

Primary – $20-$25/hr

Secondary – $25-$30/hr

JC – $30-$35/hr

Do note that these rates are guidelines and they generally apply for A level graduates/undergraduates!

To look for your first student, I generally advise you to lower your expectations and set a lower price so that people can give you a chance to help them. After that, you can build your track record.

Utilizing the power of parents and word of mouth, your tuition service can easily spread to many people. Soon, you will be able to find more students.

The fees are very arbitrary in nature. I always say that they are an indicator of how confident you are in teaching them.

Look for jobs near your area

Last but not least, look for jobs near your area. Do not travel so far just for a job, it isn’t worth it.

1 hour of travel time should really be the maximum you are looking at. Anything more than that and it isn’t worth it.

When I just started, I almost accepted a job offer at Hougang. Luckily, my mom convinced me not to. After dabbling in tutoring a bit more, I finally understand that the traveling part should also be counted in your rates.

Consider offering online tuition services

Offering another form of service can be helpful on becoming a tutor.
With COVID, please move your sessions to the interwebs.

Also, with the COVID-19 situation going around, do think about offering online tuition. Although it is harder to teach your students, it can save you some time traveling. If you are willing to prepare a bit more ahead, it should be easily done without a problem.

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