a platform to teach Singaporeans about finance and fitness.

Growing up, I was always interested in becoming fit. I loved picking heavy things down and putting them back down. Now, many of my peers, from school or NS, turn to me for tips.

With my puny $630 NS allowance, I have realized how hard it is to earn money. So, I want to educate my peers as well as learn from pioneers of investing, so as to achieve financial independence, by 40. I hope.

It is so easy to get lazy.

Coming into NS, I realize that it is hard to remain fit. I am working in an office job just like most adults and I understand why they often sacrifice their health for money.

As a zoomer,

I am just like you. But I have come to realize the benefits of being financially stable and the privilege of financial freedom. I do not want to work my butt off until 65. And I am willing to make drastic changes to my lifestyle.

Why should I listen to you?

I am just like you, an average Singaporean aiming for financial independence. But fitness and personal finance are two topics that are the dearest to my heart. I want to provide you with my insight. So that you can learn with me.